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Overview of new paintings for solo show 'Between Worlds' at
Twenty Twenty Gallery, Ludlow, Shropshire. Sept 3 - Oct 8 2022. 
New work will be available on their website soon -
Dissolving Into Dawn_edited.jpg

Heading 1

The Sea Slides Back fb 28_edited.jpg
The Belling Dresses   fb  26_edited_edit
Yew Trees Point Up_edited_edited.jpg
The Whole Show Is Set To Go_edited_edite
The Light Burns Blue  fb 11_edited_edite
His Vermilion Eye_edited_edited.jpg
The Greek Beauties_edited.jpg
Scorched Galactic Cinder fb
Dancing From One Sacred Mountain To Anot
TheDancing Globe   fb 13_edited_edited_e
News Of Land  fb 27_edited.jpg
Woman Corridor  latest fb 27_edited.jpg
Sell The Royal Air fb_edited.jpg
Nature Waits_edited.jpg
Wandering Apparition_edited.jpg
Haul On The Rope_edited_edited.jpg
Girls Fleeing Womanhood_edited.jpg
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