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About Me

 Working mainly in oil and collage Margot Bandola's expressionistic painting explores the absurd and unfathomable providing a news bulletin from a shrouded ether world. Peppered with nocturnal characters emerging from the subconscious her paintings evolve twilight darknesses to reveal a pertinent fact. Everyone plays a role in the somnabulist state. Using colour, rhythm and texture she dynamically juxtaposes the savage and wry, revealing inner and outer space in the cerebellum jungle from a feminist point of view.



Studied painting at Bristol - B.A. Fine Art

National Film School - Post Grad Diploma

Worked for years in the film industry, live action and animation

during which showed at galleries in Britain and France - solo and group shows which include Royal College of Arts and Royal Academy of Arts.

Images used in publications - book covers and album covers.

Painting and exhibiting for the last 10 years . 


Shown 2022 Turner Contemporary Open Exhibition.   2023 Solo show Twenty Twenty Gallery,Ludlow.



Next  solo exhibition The Pie Factory, Margate, Kent.

May 2024



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